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Licenses and Certifications

Michael Marino

NYC Licensed Master Plumber #1817

NYC Licensed Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractor #799-B

NJ Licensed Master Plumber #11743

NJ Master HVACR Contractor #19HC00310500

NYS Backflow Prevention Device Tester #4320


NYS Approved Backflow Tester Certification #4320
FDNY S-12 Certificate of Fitness #86193489 for Citywide Sprinkler Systems
FDNY S-13 Certificate of Fitness #87061891 for Citywide Standpipe Systems
FDNY Q-99 Certificate of Fitness #62595061 for Refrigerating System Operating Engineer


 Mandatory Local Law 152 Inspections
 Conduct mandatory local law 152 Inspections
 Submit GPS-1 Report to Building Owner
 Submit GPS-2 Report to Department of Buildings
 CT86/87 Operator Qualified Plumbers
Certified to work on jurisdictional gas piping in NYC
 Required for Con Edison/National Grid Gas Restoration

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